All About 125cc Motorbikes

Whether one is yet in the process of learning how to ride a motorcycle or starting off as a motorbike rider, chances are, the first motorbike he will be told to get is a 125 cc motorbike. The 125 cc motorbike is typically the motorcycle of choice for amateur motorbike riders and is their milestone towards being able to maneuver a full sized motorbike in the future.

125 cc motorcycles can usually be driven on the road without a license, such as the manual bikes. Now, once the motorbike rider gets a bigger and full sized motorbike in the future, then that is most probably the time when he will be requested to apply for a license for his motorbike.

Types of 125 cc Motorbikes

There are various types of 125 cc motorcycles available in the market which motorcycle aficionados could choose from. The most common types of 125 cc motorcycles are as follows:

1. The Motor Scooter – or simply the scooter. It is typically characterized by a low foot board in between the motorbike’s two wheels, and then a seat that resembles a horse saddle that is installed right on the footboard. This makes it easier for it to be maneuvered compared to a fuller sized motorbike.

2. The Sports Bike – also called the sport bike, it is a specialty motorbike that is built especially for it to run fast, and for its brakes, acceleration, and cornering ability to be at their highest capacity. Aside from that, sports bikes are not meant to be driven on major thoroughfares but on race courses only.

3. The Cruiser – this, on the other hand, is basically just a variation of the sports bike and is also built for its speed.

4. The Motorcross Bike – this is also a variation of the sports bike, but this one is more heavy duty because it is meant to be driven on terrain land formations. Thus, it can be held as the counterpart of dirt bikes, which are also meant to be used on all terrain race tracks.

The Benefits of Getting A 125 cc Motorbike

Now, here is the question: why is it deemed best to get a 125 cc motorcycle as one’s first ever motorcycle? Following are some of the reasons:

1. 125 cc motorbikes are known to have more varieties available compared to the fuller sized motorcycle. Thus, when the motorcycle buyer opts to purchase a 125 cc motorbike, he has got more choices than one who is going to get a full sized motorbike.

2. 125 cc motorbikes come in less the price tag than that of the full sized motorbike.

3. In connection to the second reason, in spite of the fact that it comes in a cheaper price, the 125 cc motorbikes are still typically of good quality, sometimes even better than that of full sized motorbike models.

4. 125 cc motorbikes are generally easier to maintain than the fuller sized motorbike models, and the parts are available at motor shops at cheaper price tags, too.

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