Best Security Features For Motorbikes

Motorcycle theft is a growing problem in UK and abroad, there are quite a number of theft reports filed each day in regards to motorcycle thefts. Statistics reveal shocking facts about motorcycle theft in UK with reports showing that on average, it takes 14 minutes to steal a motorcycle and that only 14 percent of the vehicles are recovered. It is very important for an individual to install security features on their motorcycles so as to wade off would be thieves. There are quite a number of security features available for motorbikes; however the suitability of each would far much depend on the owner of the bike. Some of the best security features for motorcycles include;


This an indelible code programmed on the bike’s panel. Transponders are relayed to and from the petrol tank and wheels and can be easily be picked up by traffic police scanners.

Disc Lock/U-lock

Disc locks are available in many forms and shapes; it takes individual preferences in choosing the right kind of disc to purchase. U-Locks can only be used to fasten the bike on immovable objects.

Ground anchor

These are good fastener points, one should always place ground anchor in a secure place where would be thieves would encounter much hindrances while trying to use a disc cutter or such cutting devices.

Brake lever Lock

A good portable supplement to other security features you may have, used to clamp the front brake lever making it hard for the wheel to roll.


Don’t lock your helmet on your bike, this makes the bike more prone to would be thieves.

Ultraviolet pen

Marking your bike parts with ultra violet pen can aid in identifying motor parts whenever they get stolen by unsuspecting thieves.


Installing good CCTV on a garage can also aid much on the security of your bike, CCTV installed garages are known to be secure 70 percent more than those that lack CCTV gadgets.

Insurance Cover

Good insurance cover is a must security feature for anyone owning a bike. There are quite a number of insurance companies willing to give cheap motorbike insurance to anyone interested with moped insurance also available.

A good way to save is to Compare bike insurance which will allow you to save time by comparing quotes from a number of insurance companies and thus help you secure one that’s cheap on premium cost and more so affordable on your budget. A bike installed with good security features attracts less insurance quotes from any insurance company you may contact for a cover.

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