Brain Entrainment Reviews – Neuro Programmer 2

The first of my brain entrainment reviews will deal with a popular mind power audio product – Neuro Programmer 2. Developed by Trans Corp. NP2 is a PC software program, designed to assist the user in restructuring their psychological make-up in order to overwrite and eventually eliminate negative patterns pervasive within the psyche. Not only does it utilize the technological phenomenon of brain entrainment, but it also reinforces programming through the simultaneous use of hypnosis, NLP and other psychological techniques.

Central to its operation though is brainwave entrainment, where the wave pattern of the brain is synchronised to a frequency that is conducive to a particular state of mind. For example, a tone being played at a low frequency induces an alpha or theta state within the brain, creating a relaxed state of mind. There is also an audio-strobe feature built in, which flashes lights in sync with the brainwave entrainment.

There are a large number of sessions within the programme, with the option to add from a list of recorded ‘suggestions’ – these range from anxiety reduction to sleep induction; weight loss to stress relief, IQ increase to PMS relief, motivation to depression reduction, etc. etc. (in addition to the suggestions, there are also a few scripts to help you relax). These begin playing after the mind has been quietened, and induced into a state where the subconscious is at its most receptive. What really impressed me though, is that I had the option to record my own suggestions. These can be recorded directly into the software without the need for a separate application like ‘Audacity’. (HINT: try ripping audio from self-help gurus on YouTube and importing into the software). If you do not have access to a microphone, there is always the option of using the text to speech editor as well.

Neuro Programmer is something I wish I’d have come across in my student days, mainly for the ‘Super Learning Tool’, which “scales an alpha/theta session to the length of the materials you wish to memorize”. You can imagine how useful this would be for exam revision! Assuming you have some revision notes jotted down, you simply record them into a microphone; start an SLT session (Tools > Super Learning Tool); imput the recording; select the length of the recorded material and the number of times you want it to ‘loop’, and you’re good to go. Lay down, relax, and let your subconscious mind do the work.

Overall, this software is fantastic. It has a clean, user-friendly interface, so you can easily learn how to operate it merely by teaking things around. It is highly recommended for those willing to take the time to explore the unlimited capacities of the human brain, and the wonders that it is capable of achieving.

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