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Home pharmacy for your Pekingese dogs

Pekingese is a dog breed that originated from Beijing in China which was previously called Peking. This breed was considered holy for it was thought that these dogs could dissipate evil spirits. People thought that these dogs were bestowed divine powers and used to bow to them. Pekingese are very cute looking dogs with an excessively furry coat and bulging eyes. In this article you learn about the ways to care for your dog at home.

There are a number of facts that every owner of the animals had to keep in mind. Dogs are like a man. A living being who works on the laws of nature. It is not a toy, machine or thing that anyone can disassemble, compile and rejected when he is tired of.

There are a very large number of diseases that our pets get sick. Some of them are easily diagnosed and treated, some much more difficult, and some are deadly. It is therefore necessary to have a Home Pharmacy to give our Pekingese regular care and that we can react in emergency situations.

Home pharmacy Tips for proper Pekingese care

  • Never over-feed your Pekingese. Take suggestions from a reputed Veterinarian about the exact food measure that your dog needs. Overfeeding may result in breathing difficulties, heart wounds, dislocation of discs etc in your Pekingese.
  • Use a damp towel to gently wipe the eyes, ears and nose of your Pekingese each day. This will keep away dirt and debris from the face and eyes of your dog and will also soak away the excess fluid from the Pekingese's eyes. Proper wiping can also keep fungal infections at bay.
  • The long and heavily furred coat of the Pekingese makes it susceptible to heat strokes. So do not expose the dog too much heat. Try to keep your Pekingese indoors for most of the time and give it lots of water.
  • Check the Pekingese's feet after every walk. Make sure that the feet are free from debris or burrs.
  • Take your Pekingese out daily for short-distanced evening walks or engage it in some short duration playing styles. This will give your dog the exercise that it needs. But make sure not to overextend.
  • Use a dog brush to brush the dog's coat daily. This will keep the coat healthy and glossy.
  • Patiently and lovingly house train your Pekingese. This may take some time but you need to keep patience. Never be harsh on the dog.

Home Pharmacy for some specific Pekingese problems

  • In case of skin irritation in your Pekingese, you can treat it with oral or topical antibiotics. Changing the dog shampoo might also help.
  • If your Pekingese snores a lot, make the dog sleep on a round bed, prop its head up with an extra pillow and use a humidifier to open up its congested airways.
  • If your Pekingese has arthritis, make it sleep on a specially crafted thermo-regulating mat. Don't allow it to climb or jump much and you may also use Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs, glucosamine and Omega fatty acids supplements to lessen the arthritis symptoms in your Pekingese.

Herbal medicines for your Pekingese

Various ailments in your Pekingese can be treated through herbs like Echinacea, Calendula, Hepar sulfur, Aconitum napellus, Kali bichromicum, Calcarea sulfurica and many more.

So this is all about treating your favorite Pekingese through various home-based cures and remedies from your home pharmacy.

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